About Us

The Athletics Federation of San Marino ( F.S.A.L. ) was founded in 1959 and is an entity without legal personality and non-profit. The F.S.A.L. is made up of members ( federal members and affiliated members ) and affiliated Clubs.

The F.S.A.L. is affiliated to the International Association of Athletics Federations ( I.A.A.F ) and to the European Athletics Association ( E.A.A. ), accepts their guidelines and abides by their rules and regulations. The F.S.A.L. is also affiliated to the Athletic Association of Small States of Europe ( A.A.S.S.E. )

The F.S.A.L. is the only Federation enabled to organize Athletics Events in the Republic of San Marino and represent it in the International field.

The F.S.A.L. is governed by a Federal Council consisting in 7 members, including the President, who shall hold office for a period of four years.